PhD Forum


  • To foster the exchange of ideas and research approaches between younger researchers
  • To provide opportunities for discussing personal research topics, methodologies and potential problems with experts
  • To enhance networking and collaboration


The forum will be an opportunity for PhD students to discuss their research questions and ideas with their peers and experienced researchers in order to support their research. Small discussion groups will be organised in which individual research topics are presented to and discussed within the group. Discussion groups will consist of 5-6 PhD students and 1-2 experts.

Participating students will be asked to give an elevator pitch introducing their research in a speed-dating round prior to the main discussion (5 min):

  • Research topic
    • research objectives / question(s) and relevance considering published research and industrial needs
    • research methodology applied
  • Personal questions/problems or issues you want feedback on e.g.
    • Research methodology
    • Research methods
    • Potential ideas for enhancing the approach


The PhD Forum is aimed at PhD students. To facilitate meaningful discussion it is essential that potential participants should already have defined their PhD research topic, undertaken an initial literature study and formulated aims and objectives.


PhD students, the participants of the DESIGN 2020 conference will be invited to submit their applications. Forum Chairs will select up to 25 PhD students to participate in the Forum.


  • Philip Cash, Ass. prof, DTU Management
  • Kilian Gericke, Prof, University of Rostock
  • Stanko Škec, Ass. prof, University of Zagreb
  • cadlab
  • perfectmeetings