PhD Forum at DESIGN 2024 conference

The PhD Forum at DESIGN 2024 is crafted with the vision to nurture a dynamic environment for PhD students within the Design Society community. Our goals include:

  • Encouraging the Exchange of Ideas: Facilitating vibrant discussions among young researchers to share research approaches and insights.
  • Expert Guidance: Offering unique opportunities to discuss personal research topics, methodologies, and address potential challenges with seasoned experts in the field.
  • Promoting Networking and Collaboration: Enhancing connections and potential collaborations among PhD students and experts to support their academic and professional growth.

This engaging forum serves as a platform for PhD students to present and debate their research questions and ideas, with a structure designed to maximize interaction and support:

  • Interactive Discussion Groups: Each group will consist of 4 PhD students and 1-2 experts, fostering intimate and productive discussions.
  • Elevator Pitch Presentations: Participants are invited to give a concise 5-minute pitch on their research, addressing key aspects such as the project's impact, theoretical foundation, research gap, methodological approach, and potential challenges. The use of slides, figures, or flowcharts to illustrate your points is highly encouraged.

Participants are asked to prepare their pitches to cover the following essential questions:

  • Project Impact: What change or contribution will your project bring?
  • Theoretical Foundation: What theories underpin your work? Include research frameworks or models if applicable.
  • Research Gap: What gap in the existing literature does your project aim to fill? Present your specific research question.
  • Methodological Approach: What is your overall research strategy and the specific methods you will employ? Visual aids like figures or flowcharts are welcome.
  • Challenges: What are the main risks or obstacles in your research journey?

The forum is exclusive to 20 PhD students, with spots allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. This selective approach ensures a quality experience for all participants, providing meaningful engagement with peers and experts alike.

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