The Design Conference Debates

2018 Proposed by: Anja Maier (DNK) and Ola Isaksson (SWE)
Opposed by: Joshua Summers (USA) and Phil Cash (DNK)
This house believes that design research should focus its efforts in learning from real practitioners and stop running meaningless experiments with inexperienced students.
2016 Proposed by: John Gero (USA) and Ahmed Kovačević (GBR)
Opposed by: Sandor Vajna (DEU) and Iris Graessler (DEU)
This house believes that design methods created by design researchers are vital to practicing engineering designers.
2014 Proposed by: Steven Eppinger (USA) and Peter Törlind (SWE)
Opposed by: Claudia Eckert (GBR) and Tom Howard (DNK)
This house believes that in its present state design research spends too much effort on explaining what is done by designers instead of developing new ways to design.
2012 Proposed by: John Clarkson (GBR) and Warren Seering (USA)
Opposed by: Bernard Yannou (FRA) and Maik Maurer (DEU)
Design Research should be about developing new products, technologies and services, not theories, models and methods.
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