Design Conference Invited Speakers

2022 Professor Danica Kragic, School of Computer Science and Communication KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SW) AI, MACHINE LEARNING, ROBOTICS: TRENDS, CHALLENGES, OPPORTUNITIES
Professor Jonathan Cagan, George Tallman and Florence Barrett Ladd Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University (US) TOWARD AI-HUMAN HYBRID LEARNING
Dr. Zrinka Čorak, Vicepresident INETEC (HR) WHICH WAY I OUGHT TO GO?
2020 Professor Mary Lou Maher | Chair, Software and Information Systems | Director, Center for Education Innovation UNC Charlotte, USA AI models for creative design: curiosity, novelty, and surprise
Zehavit Reisin, Vice President | Head of Materials Business, EMEA and APJ, Stratasys, Israel What’s New with Materials?
Professor Tobias Larsson, Director of Product Development Research Lab, and Research Director in Mechanical Engineering, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden AI; the end for the designer as we know it?
2018 Albert Albers, University of Karlsruhe, DEU Design Research in, with and for Companies: How to Jointly Shape Innovations to Create Benefit for Society
Claus-Christian Carbon, University of Bamberg, DEU Psychology of Design: An Interdisciplinary Field of Perception, Emo-Cognitive Processing and the Characteristics of Design
Alex Duffy, University of Strataclyde, GBR A New Design Vision: Cognitive Driven Design
Mauro Faccin , EUROMED, Dassault Systèmes, ITA From Technical Drawing to Virtual Product Development: How to Reorganize The Processes According to the Available Technologies
Panos Y. Papalambros, University of Michigan, USA Building a Design Community: Science, Research, Education, and Practice
2016 Wei Chen, Northwestern University, USA Multidimensional Network Analysis of Customer Preferences in Engineering Design
Klaus Kornwachs, University of Ulm, DEU Design and Technoscience - What's Up With Responsibility?
Anna-Maria Rivas McGowan, NASA, USA Designing in Large-Scale: Considerations for Increased Complexities in Large Systems
Kevin Otto, Aalto University Helsinki, FIN Industry Adoption of Design Methods: Where Is the Crisis?
Kristina Shea, ETH Zurich, CHE New Adventures in Computational Design and Digital Fabrication
2014 Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen, Technical University Dennmark, DNK Industry Needs and Engineering Design Research
Ingo Ederer, Voxeljet AG, DEU 3D Printing - Design Without Limits
Claire Fennelow, Design Council, GBR European Design Innovation Platform - Driving Innovation Through Design
Helmut Krcmar, Technical University Munich, DEU Research for Design - Researching by Designing
Tim Morgan, Mountain Trike Company, GBR Project to Product
2012 Erastos Filos, European Commission; Brussels Product Development Innovation and the Horizon 2020 Programme
Matthias Heymann, Center of Science Studies Aarhus University, DNK The Problem of Solving Problems: Tensions, Ambitions and Visions in the History of Engineering Design
Maaike Kleinsmann, Delft University of Technology, NLD Demistifying Design Thinking: Images of a Designerly Approach
Melita Kovačević, University of Zagreb, HRV Design at University of Zagreb - Opening speach
Jonathan Linton, Tekfer School of Management, CAN Technology Innovation Management and Design: An Editor's Perspective
Tim C. McAloone, Technical University Denmark, DNK Citations and the Design Society: Invitation to an Experiment to Expose our Community's Research Results
Catharina Nilsson, SCANIA, SWE Lean in Product Development
Sven-Olaf Schulze, German Chapter of International Council on Systems Engineering, DEU Systems Engineering vs. Design - Differences, Commonality and Opportunities
2010 Steven D. Eppinger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA The Future of Engineering
Gareth Jones, Dyson, GBR Practical Innovation in Engineering Design
Hermann Klinger, Festo AG & Co., DEU Solving the Diversity-Efficiency Dilemma in Individualized Lifelong Learning
Jivka Ovtcharova, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DEU Virtual Engineering: Principles, Methods and Applications
Yoram Reich, Tel Aviv University, ISR Design Religions
Stefan Wallmeier, SAF-HOLLAND GmbH, DEU Everything is Known and Everything is New - Engineering Design After International Merger
2006 Amaresh Chakrabarti. Indian Institute of Sceience, IND Defining and supporting design creativity
Dubravka Šuica, Mayor of Dubrovnik, Croatia Welcome Adress
Ulrich Wengenroth, Munich Center for the History of Science and Technology (DEU) Semiotic utility - or: what governs consumer decisions?
2008 Crispin Hales, Hales&Gooch, USA. Designing today without trouble tomorrow
Sinjela Mpazi, World Intelleectual Property Organization, (CHE) Industrial designs protection – a vital tool for business competitiveness
Ulrich Wengenroth, Munich Center for the History of Science and Technology (DEU) Ways of knowing in engineering
2004 John S. Gero, University of Sydney, AUS Situated design computing: introduction and implications
Imre Horváth, Delft University of Technology, NLD On methodological characteristics of engineering design research
Petra Badke-Schaub, Stempfle J., University of Bamberg, DEU Analysing leadership activities in design: how do leaders manage different types of requirements?
2002 Vjera Krstelj, University of Zagreb, HRV Technology Transfer at FSB
Vladimir Ferdelji, EGE- Elektrokontakt, HRV Design and Produce in 2ppm
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