We are profoundly grateful to Onshape/PTC, our lead sponsor, for their generous support and commitment to advancing the field of the engineering design and product development. Their contributions have been instrumental in ensuring success of this event.


Onshape is the first and only cloud-native product development platform that delivers professional-grade CAD capabilities along with next-generation product data management (PDM). This platform powers agile design processes at lower costs. With Onshape, users can quickly innovate while collaborating with other stakeholders simultaneously or asynchronously on any web-connected device. Without the limitations of a traditional file-based CAD check-in and check-out process, information can flow freely across your business, keeping everyone in sync. Numerous clients and case studies across different engineering and manufacturing sectors are witnessing Onshape’s key benefits for their business.

Onshape, as the lead sponsor, aligns perfectly with the conference's themes of innovation, collaboration, and future-oriented engineering due to its cloud-native CAD platform that fosters agile design processes. Its commitment to breaking down traditional barriers in engineering work mirrors the conference's goals. Additionally, Onshape's accessibility and emphasis on collaboration are crucial for advancing engineering education, making it an exemplary partner for fostering industry progress and academic excellence.

As the lead sponsor of DESIGN 2024, Onshape provides more than financial support: they will share expertise through a keynote speech, offer an introductory session on their platform for deep insights and Q&A, and ensure ongoing engagement at their conference stand for real-time discussions and demos. This multifaceted involvement enriches the conference experience, fostering learning and networking.

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