The Design Debate

Organizers and debaters expect the audience will actively and lively participate in this event that was introduced successfuly for the first time during DESIGN 2012 conference. The purpose of the debate is to investigate in a forensic manner some key topics that affect the engineering design research community. This will be achieved by key players in the community presenting evidence for or against a particular topic.


“This house believes that design research should focus its efforts in learning from real practitioners and stop running meaningless experiments with inexperienced students.”

  • Proposed by: Anja Maier (DNK) and Ola Isaksson (SWE)
  • Opposed by: Joshua Summers (USA) and Phil Cash (DNK)


  • The topic will be proposed and then opposed (approx 8 minutes each)
  • Supporting statements, seconding the two viewpoints will then be given (4 minutes each)
  • The floor (the audience) will then be asked to question the proposers and opposers
  • A single final statement will be given
  • A vote will then be taken to see which side has “won” the debate


  • Professor P. John Clarkson (GBR)
  • cadlab
  • perfectmeetings