DESIGN 2024 Conference Copyright and Licensing Agreement Overview

The DESIGN 2024 conference organizing team will kindly request that authors of accepted papers, which will be presented at the DESIGN 2024 conference, sign a Copyright and Licensing Agreement.

Here are the key points authors need to know about our Copyright and Licensing Agreement:

Author Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Authorship Confirmation: By signing the agreement, authors confirm that they are the author or co-author of the submitted work and have the right to enter into this agreement.
  • Rights Retention: Authors retain copyright to their submitted work. This includes the right to publish the work in any form or media.
  • Representation on Behalf of Co-Authors: If the work is co-authored, the corresponding author confirms that they are authorized to represent all co-authors in agreeing to these terms.

Licensing Terms:

  • Gold Open Access Publishing: Authors agree to publish their work under the Gold Open Access model.
  • Creative Commons Licensing: The work will be licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives) license. This means:
    • Attribution (BY): Others must give appropriate credit to the original authors.
    • Non-Commercial (NC): The work cannot be used for commercial purposes.
    • No Derivatives (ND): If the work is remixed, transformed, or built upon, the derivative work may not be distributed.
    • Effective Date: This license takes effect upon the submission of the final version of the work for publication.

Publication and Republication Rights:

  • Initial Publication: The work is accepted for presentation at the DESIGN 2024 Conference and for publication in the "Proceedings of the Design Society: DESIGN Conference."
  • Republication Rights: The DESIGN 2024 Conference organizers, The Design Society, and Cambridge University Press reserve the right to republish the work in any media, provided that appropriate acknowledgment and citation are given.

Author's Warranties:

By agreeing to this copyright, authors warrant that they have the full authority to grant these rights and that there are no conflicts with any existing agreements or rights previously granted to third parties.

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