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July, 15 2023

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Discussion and further development of all aspects of design knowledge from cognition and philosophy, to methods and tools, from research theory to practice.

The DESIGN Conference programme offers broad exchange possibilities to researchers and practitioners, strategic decision makers, managers, design and engineering professionals, national or regional agencies or governmental bodies.

Our goal is to bring together researchers and practitioners who have worked on or thought about engineering and industrial design from a variety of perspectives, disciplines, and fields: engineering, aesthetics, ergonomics, psychology, sociology and the like...

Important Dates

Full paper submission deadline
November 15, 2023

Final acceptance of papers
January 31, 2024

Publish-ready papers
February 23, 2024

Final Conference programme
April, 2024

DESIGN 2024 Conference
May 20-23, 2024
Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia


News & Events

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