The virtual conference hosting platform for DESIGN 2022 will be Hopin, as last time, with an extended list of the features that should enable an interactive experience to drive participants' engagement and satisfaction. Hopin's easy-to-use features and portability should make it simple for participants to navigate within the conference space in a single environment. At the same time, it enables organisers to elevate the event production and integration with many interactive tools.

The main features to be used for DESIGN 2022 are:

  • reception page to welcome attendees with customised event schedule and tags for every session and speaker discoverability,
  • event stage for live presentations, and
  • event sessions to enable concurrent topic oriented sessions with full moderator capabilities and multiple speakers.

One of the new exciting features that we would like to explore this time is Hopin Expo Booths - a virtual exhibitor hall of digital vendor booths. At the Expo Booth area, conference participants can "walk around" to visit the booths that interest them, interact with the vendors, and take action. Our idea is to use it in collaboration with you as a space to promote research projects (to disseminate results of the active projects, or search for collaboration for projects in preparation). The Expo Booth area will be available for a visit during the conference, and conference participants will be able to register interest, leave a message on chat, see who else is visiting the booth, make contact, ask questions in the Q/A section or provide answers.

  • designsociety.org
  • fsb.unizg.hr
  • unizg.hr
  • cadlab
  • perfectmeetings